Georgina believes in living with passion, and found some of hers early in life.

Broadcasting was one of them. She started as a radio DJ for Singapore’s first 24 hour music station, The Perfect 10 987FM, and hosted several television shows shortly after. She then headed to Hong Kong and presented for Channel V and Star Radio, and had a long stint presenting for ESPN Star Sports.

She also discovered her passion for the mind, body and soul connection as a teenager. A sickly kid who always fell ill, she revolted against taking conventional medicine. She embarked on reading and testing out ways to strengthen the body with food and vitamins and later, understanding how energies affected her mental and emotional states. Her passion is to empower people with knowledge on how to improve their health, and shares her tried and tested information on wellness and beauty on 90 Seconds.

Her other passions are chocolate (she eats dark chocolate everyday), learning (about all kinds of things), and inspiring people (to be self-aware and to reach their personal excellence).

Talents: Hosting, Voice-Overs, 

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