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TIME : 10am to 2pm
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Here's 20 random things about me!

1. Up to the age of 6, I only spoke Mandarin. My mom was worried that being from an English speaking family, my mandarin would be horrendous. So from the time I could speak, she made it a point to converse with me only in Mandarin.

2. The first English PHRASE I uttered was "No f***ing manners!"... I couldn't believe it when my mom told me! Apparently I saw someone cut into the lane my mom was driving on and was obviously not pleased. I was 6 and the phrase was a favourite of my dad's...>;p

3. I'm a BIG fan of romance novels, especially the period and vampire ones. I would cry my eyes out and the number of empty tissue boxes/packets would be the measure of how awesome the book was!

4. I'm an only child but contrary to stereotypes, I was never lonely nor did I get everything I wanted. My mom's idea of a reward was books and not toys. Gah!

5. I'm 100% Chinese and my dialect group is Shanghainese. Unfortunately I don't understand a single word of it! I do understand Hokkien but am not conversant in it.

6. I'm a selective foodie...that is, I LOVE food but not all foods. I don't eat a lot of things...frog legs, foie gras, escargots, oysters, lamb, turtle soup, pigeon, rabbit, shark's fin, ostrich, etc. I could go on for quite a bit but I'll stop here.

7. I can never say no to laksa. I've even dreamt of laksa before. Quite sad I know...

8. My father named me after a Persian princess named Yasmin who was extremely intelligent, beautiful and rich, hoping that I would have some of her attributes. It was also a tribute to his early childhood spent in Iran (i.e. Persia) where my grandfather was sent as ambassador. He added an additional "ne" to the end to make it more French sounding, another tribute to his later childhood spent in France. So far, the unique spelling of my name has caused quite a bit of confusion and many mispronounciations of it.

9. If my mother had her way, you would know me as Natasha instead.

10. I've had many pets in my life...including a Pug (Bobo), Boxer (Connie), 2 British Bulldogs (Snuggles & Portia), a chicken (whose leg was broken by my boxer who tried to mother it), about 20 hamsters and a goldfish which allegedly died of giddiness (according to my mom) since I lugged the fishbowl up and down all day, everywhere. All are now in animal heaven. I currently only have a female Pembroke Welsh Corgi called Hershey.

11. Animals that fly and jump really freak me out. Butterflies, moths & grasshoppers especially. I find them rather devious...they make you believe they're heading towards a certain direction and when you least expect it, they "attack" you!

12. I have a Grade 7 certification in piano but lessons were always a chore. In the 2nd year of JC, I managed to convince my mom to let me take a year off from piano lessons to concentrate on my A levels and I promised to continue after the exams. I never did. Hah!

13. Today, I honestly don't think I can play anything on the piano. Yes my mom would shake her head now at all the money I've wasted.

14. I took ballet lessons for about 10 years but stopped when I was around 13 when puberty set in and I got fat. Leotards and tutus are obviously not made for the voluptuous or curvaceous.

15. I do love my bling. I painstakingly stuck black Swarovski crystals on my headphones. They're quite glam but in dire need of repair as many of the crystals have fallen off.

16. I believe there's such a thing as soul mates and that there can be more than one and they don't always have to be your romantic interest. There's a handful of people in my life whom I consider my soul mates and my mother is one of them.

17. I believe myself to be an optimistic realist. I always try to see the positive side of things but at the same time I'm not blind to the realities of life.

18. I subscribe to the motto "This above all -- to thine ownself be true..." from Shakespeare's Hamlet.

19. Having said that, I'm not exactly a big fan of Shakespeare. He "tortured" me throughout JC and I honestly find the man quite the perv.

20. I truly believe in karma and that what goes around comes around. 

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