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We first saw her on TV as fresh faced Tammy Tay in Channel 5's highest rated drama series, Growing Up. She has never looked back since then. Having put in years at Channel 8 and 5, 98.7FM, ESPN STAR Sports and Singtel MioTV as an actress, radio and TV presenter, Jamie Yeo is a familiar face to all.

But enough about her work experience.

Her young daughter, Aly, is her love of her life and they love spending long sunny days on beach in Bali riding horses and swimming. Apart from Aly, Jamie loves good food and wine and a good movie. She doesn't keep a bucket list because she feels the pleasures of life are in the simple things like sleeping in giving your kid a kiss and a squeeze, waking up with the one you love and taking a sip of velvety liquid that is really good red wine. And she wants to do all that as much as she can till the end of her life. 

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