Homestretch with Chris Ho

Chris Ho

Chris Ho 2

TIME: Weekdays, 5pm – 8pm
DJ: Chris Ho

Funny, I don't drive (I used to ride a bike, though) but join me on the evening drive-time show the Homestretch for some great classic hits from recent decades including this current one.

I have two regular features - Body Rock (in the hour of 5pm) on wellness and Rolling Good Signs (in the hour of 7pm) that calls up an inspirational quote to inspire. In between, in the hour of 6pm, I have different features for every week-day of the show -

Mashed Potato Monday (a mashup of an old classic song);
Archive Of Favorites (on Tuesday, from my personal archive);
Sweet Tenderloin (on Wednesday, to highlight an event/experience/publication, etc.);
Movies Move (on Thursday, to talk about films); and..
Remake Friday (replaying a past remake of an older song).

I guess you can tell that I like my show structured, just so you have an idea what you're getting when you tune in. As for the element of the unpredictable...
Music surprises! The Homestretch stretches the imagination on that. Happy listening.


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