LIVE! with Mike Kasem & Vernetta Lopez

Mike Kasem & Vernetta Lopez

LIVE! with Mike Kasem& Vernetta Lopez 956 x 538px

On Mike Kasem: Q Menswear

On Vernetta Lopez: Dress by Karen Millen


TIME: 6am - 10am
DJ: Mike Kasem & Vernetta Lopez


You can call our show Live! with Mike and Vernetta OR you can just call us Makan Banana - a familiar mistake apparently! 

Either way, if you want a morning show that's all-out, vigorously, eye-popping fun and jollification to wake up you with a resounding thwack in the head, then make sure you tune in to us! The only morning show with comedic skits, improv games, interactive games with You and journeys into a radio, tv and movie realm you've never experienced before! 

Join us for a different theme every day, with something for everyone! 

6am to 10am, Monday to Friday mornings!

On GOLD 905! 











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