Koh Chieng Mun


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Chieng Mun has been a radio presenter with an emphasis on classical music programmes since 1983. Known for her bright and friendly personality, she is currently the host of Symphony 924’s Lunch Treats, bringing a varied selection of classical favourites to the table, every weekday lunchtime.

Chieng Mun is also a well-known TV actress, starring in two long running and award winning sitcoms –Under One Roof (1995-2003); Living with Lydia (2000-2005). She is a household name in Singapore, known as Dolly to her fans. Recently she returned to the limelight after a haitus, with lead roles in telemovies, (October -2015 /2nd Chance-2015), stage performances (Living Together –SIFA 2015), Peranakan Festival 2015 (Bibik Behind Bars Kenah Again), Women of Asia 2014.

Chieng Mun also gives talks on active aging (50 plus Fair 2012/2015), and appears regularly on stage as emcee or in skits in community shows. (Bishan Community Show 30th Anniversary 2015).

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