Mariam Mas’od



Mariam joined radio in 1990. She was one of Ria 89.7FM’s pioneer DJ. She was also the face behind the Malay News Hour in the 1990s.

Mariam has proven to be a good presenter. She has also won the listeners’ heart as she was voted Warna’s “Friendliest Personality” in 2004. In 2005, she won the title of “Most Popular Malay Radio Personality Media’s Choice” & in 2007, once again she was voted as Warna’s “Friendliest Personality”.
Listeners feel that Mariam is cool, full of patience, chirpy, friendly & funny.

Her philosophy – Work hard, be honest & sincere. Last but not least be humble.



D.O.B : 3rd July

Language Proficiency : Malay / English (average)

Hobbies : Surfing the Net, Watching Dramas & Reading


TV Shows / Event Hosting :  

TV Show on Suria ‘M.A.P’ 2017

Hosting ‘MUIS Family Day 2016’

Performing ‘TAA Sinaran Hati 2015’

Co-hosting ‘Cahaya Ramadan Tandang Sahur@Muhammadiyah 2014’

Mediator in ‘Forum Korban 2014’

Mediator in ‘Forum Wanita Ahli Syurga 2014’

Award Presenter ‘APM 2013’

Hosting ‘Anugerah Persuratan 2013’

Acara ‘Penyalaan Lampu Hari Raya 2012’



Eterniti/Diamed/Revivogen (2011)

Vitane/Diamed/Soylite Probiotic, Collagen, Trim (2013)

Eterniti/Soylite Probiotic, Collagen, Trim/Diamed/Revivogen (2014)

Revivogen/Diamed/Miracle Skin/TAA (2015)

Revivogen/Diamed/Miracle Skin (2016)

Revivogen/Diamed/Miracle Skin (2017)

Revivogen/Diamed/Miracle Skin (2018)


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