Suharti Ali



Suharti Ali is the household name of Malay radio.
Ask any ardent radio listeners and everyone will remember and know Suharti. With a vast experience of more than 40 years, she has experienced the different phases and life of broadcasting since 1976.

She started with then RTS then with SBC, RTS and now MediaCorp, the market leader of broadcasting. Suharti has a broad fan based. She is bubbly and witty when on air. She is also a sharp and vigilant stage emcee.

Production? Hosting TV & Radio Shows? Deejaying? Newsreading? Conducting workshops related to radio – name it – she has done them all – with great success and pride. Television is no alien to Suharti as she has been the regular face on the goggle box since the ’80s & one of four faces in the TV Press before.



D.O.B : 24 November

Language Proficiency : Malay / English

Hobbies : Reading & Writing on culture, history and language


TV Shows / Event Hostings

Forum Moderator (2014)

Guest Judge - Blackarena (2016)

Talentime Series. Eg Juara 77

National Day @ National Stadium

Sukmairama - Live show (MOU with Brunei )

Potret Keluarga

TV Cultural Shows like  Nat Day Dondang Sayang. etc.

National Day Rally                                   




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